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Fawn's Dad



Broken Arrow
March 27, 1993
Knickerbocker Arena

A STELLAR show (Casey Jones AND Comes a Time), Phil mimed pulling a bow string and breaking the arrow to call the tune. Perfect version.
Big Railroad Blues
Sept. 2, 1983
Boise Pavilion - Boise State University

NO WAY is there a more smokin' version of Big RxR. Jerry absolutely WINDS IT the entire version. He's RELENTLESS!!!! Hunter Seamons matrix too!!
Looks Like Rain
Sept. 2, 1983
Boise Pavilion - Boise State University

The high point of my fav 1st set ever. Some of the best GD I've EVER heard. Stunning matrix too. X-Factor greatness. Listen to the entire set!!


So Many Roads
Sept. 18, 1994
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Jerry sings "So many roads to fill my soul" several times on this one... It's also the only time I've heard him break mid final rave-up to play a solo and then return to the chorus. Some sloppiness earlier in the tune prevents it from being my favorite, but it's a great listen and the solo back into the chorus is totally goosebump-worthy.
Comes A Time
Oct. 30, 1971
Taft Auditorium

I've never heard a finer version. Jerry is absolutely on-point vocally, singing with sincerity and passion, the falsetto mentioned above (E-EMPTY CU-UP!) is hair raising goosebump material and the extra verse really adds a lot. It's just exactly perfect and should be #1.
Mister Charlie
May 16, 1972
Theatre Hall

While the Hollywood Palladium certainly has a smokin' hot, raw energy, THIS RIGHT HERE is absolutely THE GOLD STANDARD for Mr Charlies. It's just exactly PERFECT. Great energy, the band absolutely gels into a single beast, and it POPS. Give it a listen!
Brokedown Palace
Dec. 2, 1971
Boston Music Hall

I LOVE Brokedown and am always searching for the finest, and THIS IS IT right here. Only this far down the list because people haven't heard it. Jerry's ON POINT on the vocals, his enthusiastic delivery on "SING ME SWEET AND SLEEPY" is goosebump city, his solo is gorgeous, Phil is great too, and the whole band's infectious energy on the gospel-y Doo-doo-doos!!!! at the end are the reason I LOVE THIS BAND. Do NOT skip over this one, it's a beautiful recording too. GO LISTEN RIGHT NOW!!!!
Blow Away
July 7, 1989
JFK Stadium

I feel like Jerry is really off the whole early slide section of this version. Like nails on a chalkboard, really rough. It certainly gets better, the complete stop and rebuild is AWESOME, and Brent's real love/fist rave up is HUGE. We're a forgiving audience though, and maybe the rave-up makes-up for the sloppy start...