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Keith's Piano



You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
April 2, 1973
Boston Garden

Donna is hot hot hot


Morning Dew
May 8, 1977
Barton Hall - Cornell University

Mere exposure effect Iin action. Overrated because some fast guitar flourishes and grandiose ending (go check out the who in concert - they end every song like this - trust me it's not special). Go listen to Ladies and Gentlemen version from '71. Pigpen demonstrates how simple is better. Jerry plays mean-ass solo. Now that's an ending.
Terrapin Station
May 17, 1977
Memorial Coliseum

I can think of half a dozen Scarlet Fires I would take over Cornell, starting with Tuscaloosa 5/17. I love Keith, he's my favorite band member, but I don't like the synth organ he plays on it. He experimented with different sounds in '77, mostly to placate Garcia. It drones on too much for me. I much prefer the grand piano in Fender Rhodes, but he was forced away from those; later in May he retired the Drone organ (would love to know what it actually is - maybe a polymoog). BEW - May 77 is the time but it's not Cornell. 5/25 The Mosque 5/21 Lakeland (it's either this one of the 19th, but definitely Dick's Picks 29). Cherry exits the solo with swagger and finesse. Also 11/4/77. I'm pretty sure this is the date. It's the Colgate show from Dave picks 12. They're all Rock Solid vocally and instrumentally. What sets apart a good for me great brown-eyed women is the solo. In 1977 Garcia stretched it out to three bars in duration. It always improvised it. He nailed it on the three occasions I mentioned.
Mind Left Body Jam
Nov. 11, 1973
Winterland Arena

Really? MLB is on this one?
Dark Star
July 18, 1972
Rossevelt Stadium

Yeah. The first 16 or 17 minutes before the Dark Star Verse is absolutely incredible. Some of the finest Dark Star jamming I've ever heard. Jerry's got a nice amount of distortion going on, and he's very upfront in the mix. Keith also was in a splendid phase in the second half of 1972 with a grand piano. As I get more and more into the soundboards I'm beginning to realize that as good as the Europe 72 Dark Stars are, the second half of 72 is even better.
Dark Star
May 15, 1970
Fillmore East (Late Show)

Wow. Overlooked this one for many years. Had it lumped in with the "standard" 1970 Dark Stars where Mickey runs it with his stupid gongs. Jerry's soloing at the 13 minute mark is divine. The tone and register he plays in is transcendental, with Bobby and Phil playing Feeling Groovy underneath him.