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Weirs Jort Army



June 14, 1984
Red Rocks Amphitheater

Super crisp song portion and tension/release jam segment. Very worthy
Brown Eyed Women
Oct. 25, 1979
New Haven Coliseum

Jerry is crazy nimble in this. Fresh from a 30 days of dead release - a choice cut
Sitting on Top of the World
May 19, 1966
Avalon Ballroom

Short, sweet, but THUMPING
Jack Straw
May 17, 1974
P.N.E. Coliseum

Show starts out a bit rough - tech issues, energy, song selection. Boys seem to come alive here, with some nice Jerry leads and Keith fills
June 13, 1980
Seattle Center Coliseum

Perfect tone, swells, and peaks. This soars


Estimated Prophet
May 4, 1979
Hampton Coliseum

Deep, thick groove in this one. Brent/Jerry joint MVPs.
Eyes Of The World
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

The dopeness of this is the Lesh/Rhythm Devils/sprinkles of Keith outro jam, which builds a great head of steam, flawlessly landing into a romping Dancin'. The main jam is clicking, everything falling together just exactly perfect.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Nov. 6, 1977
Broome County Arena

Fantastic pacing in this one. I got lost (in the best possible way) in the ethereal spaciness coming out of Scarlett and the Fire delivers in all the ways that you know it should. Easily on the same shelf, if not higher, than many of the oft-lauded May '77 versions
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

This Sugaree is like the little engine that could. Completely overshadowed by what can be easily considered one of the best first sets of all time. I overlooked this almost utterly until the new Dave's release and find myself continually going back to it. Not the longest version, but what is there is stunning. Jerry is completely locked in. One of my new favorites. Dave is continually on a roll with his picks, giving the people what they WANT!
Terrapin Station
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

Sure, this is knocked WAY out of the park on it's first play. It's beautiful, flowing, and note perfect. And it was a historically bold move to open a show/tour/usher in a tremendous year with a brand new multi-faceted song like this. However, this being rated as highly as it is, to me, makes no sense at all. Landover and Knick Spring '90 anyone? To me, it it's not even close. No offense to this, it is lovely beyond words, it just hasn't developed enough like some of the latter iterations.