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Weirs Jort Army



Promised Land
Dec. 15, 1978
Boutwell Auditorium

They are playing in Birmingham, the song mentions Birmingham, mass crowd hysteria ensues. Hot version though, so justifiable
Sugar Magnolia
April 11, 1978
Fox Theatre

Really melodic jam, which builds incrementally in velocity and intensity - then, screaming sunshine daydream
May 16, 1978
Uptown Theater

Very heady jam segment in this one. Show is a sleeper from May
May 14, 1978
Providence Civic Center

The latter half of a great on-two punch to kick off the show (1/2 step preceding), this Cassidy is an absolute bute. Bob/Jer communication is tight
New Minglewood Blues
May 12, 1980
Boston Garden

Jerry rips a sick intro solo. Hyped up energy


Dec. 29, 1977
Winterland Arena

Go ahead and chalk this up as another prime example of cgarces being that dude that will not steer you wrong. Been a while since i heard this one, spun it on a run today, thought "oh, that was good," then spun again once i got back and was pretty floored. Jerry just does NOT want the jam segment in the middle to end. Just keeps pushing and it gets hotter and hotter. Very choice, and thanks for the prompting, C!
Not Fade Away
Sept. 3, 1977
Raceway Park

I clearly wasted far too much time and money for a MBA and undergrad in business school. THIS is the business. All courses and programs completed, listen, then immediately grab your diploma. It's been years since i've heard this. There is what, 10-12 min of jaw-dropping jamming before any vocals even kick in?? This is disgusting. And, clearly deserved of all the dap
Sugar Magnolia
Oct. 7, 1977
University of New Mexico

Yeah, this Mags is the business. Killer, high energy peak to the Mags, great pause for antici......pation of Sunshine Daydream, SD comes in with a whisper, then they bring it on home to a swinging close. Great version
Wharf Rat
Oct. 7, 1977
University of New Mexico

This is a masterpiece. While to me, it lacks some of the emotive, somber, and wrenching vocal stylings that are demonstrated in other top tier versions, the guitar work from Jerry is unmatched. Just swirling to a creative and cathartic peak. My only other (minor) gripe, is that i could have used 30 sec - 1 million minutes more of the ending jam. The sequel into Sug Mags is a bit jarring. Brilliant version, all and all though
Playin' In The Band
Nov. 6, 1979
The Spectrum

This comes fully equipped with an audio account of a lunar landing, so yeah, there's that.. Very spaced out, Brent driving the effects, and incredibly surprised this one doesn't get more dap in voting.