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millennial head



July 5, 1978
Omaha Civic Auditorium

Slick, efficient Garcia solo, plus some cool flourishes by the Godchauxs.
Friend of the Devil
June 12, 1976
Music Hall

Perfectly phrased and chosen melody lines from Jerry. Another astonishing FOTD of the era.
Samson and Delilah
June 10, 1976
Boston Music Hall

Phil’s and Jerry’s sixteenth-note runs light up this version with a country-blues twang faintly reminiscent of Cumberland.
June 27, 1983
Poplar Creek Music Theater

Shimmering, dazed Space highlighted by some of Brent’s wildest keyboard tones and textures.
Sept. 10, 1974
Alexandra Palace

Phil drops some serious bombs to complement Jerry’s ringing leads.


Playin' In The Band
June 16, 1974
Iowa State Fairgrounds

I for one can’t get enough of these ’74 Playin’ spacefests. But then my concept of the ideal Grateful Dead absolutely includes the avant garde weirdness. If you’re looking for a Playin’ that goes down smooth, this ain’t it. But if you’re looking for a true sonic adventure (as rocky, disorienting, and revelatory as adventures are), grab a pair of headphones and strap the fuck in.
Feel Like A Stranger
July 10, 1989
Giants Stadium

A beaut. Points for execution and creativity.
Ramble On Rose
June 30, 1973
Universal Amphitheatre

Outstanding. Close to perfection.
Comes A Time
May 1, 1977
The Palladium

There’s also a unique jam in D major between the end of Comes a Time and the start of Playin’ Reprise. Well worth hearing.
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
June 12, 1976
Music Hall

The Supplication is pure dreaminess and dripping honey. This is the first time the song has reminded me of Miles Davis’ Shhh/Peaceful.