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Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Terrapin Station.

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Very heartfelt, insistent version. I love Jerry and Brent's interaction during the jam.
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Yikes people. The latter part of this show Does Not Miss. I coulda seen this encore and been forever satisfied in my Deadhead experience
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The day before cornell.... They rocked! Check out this classic Terp Station. Really solid.
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People, the last hour of this show is so epic. Get your Dick's Pick 29 out. No explanation needed for this show.
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Brent and Jerry together on an astral plane! synchronized so beautifully throughout Lady With A Fan
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i've heard a million of these, and this one is closest to perfection. heartfelt vocals, minimal flubs, and the groove is locked in. tight!