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Grateful Dead - China Doll

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead China Doll.

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May, Duh. This version just goes on and on and on at the end. This is what's needed in China Doll city - more longer outros. Gorgeous outros
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Perfect version. Also, lengthy. This could be top 3. How is this not on here, yet.
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This whole show just has it. The best versions of this song are played with patience into the bridge and the backgrounds are key. This ones a clinic.
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Is it coincidence 3 of the top 4 China Doll's are all in one WEEK ! Amazing !!
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Haunting harpsichord from Brent and a tight heavy scary groove and Jerry Jam
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Beautiful a real heady end to an amazing sequence, fragile and beautiful a treasure to hear
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After a blistering Eyes Jerry takes you on a sweet blissful journey. This moved me 37yrs later, what was this evening like??