find the best versions of grateful dead songs

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Answers aplenty



Oct. 9, 1980
Warfield Theater

One of the craziest, spaciest, and wacky versions you’ll ever hear
Feelin' Groovy Jam
Oct. 17, 1974
Winterland Arena

The final version from an epic China>Rider. Doesn’t get any better
Positively 4th Street
July 10, 1973
The Keystone

One of the best versions of this song that Jerry did. There seems to be 2 guitar players on this track. Anyone have any info on that?
She Belongs To Me
Oct. 16, 1985
The Catalyst

Kevin Tobin just put out a nice video of this Garcia/Kahn show with great audio. I didn’t know they played this one as a duo. Great version!
Little Red Rooster
April 15, 1983
Community War Memorial Auditorium

Surprised this version isn’t on here. Bobby’s vocals and playing are great, and Brent’s verse and solo really make this a top tier version


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Aug. 21, 1993
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

This may be the best post-Brent era China>Rider(9/20/90 might have a word with me later, we’ll see). Jerry sounds confident on Lightning Bolt, which was debuted here. The acoustic tone suites the songs well, especially on Rider, calling back to the acoustic versions from 1970, and the groove may as well be just as tight. This one is not to be overlooked, give it a listen!
Little Red Rooster
April 10, 1987
UIC Pavilion

The peak on this one is insane!
Nov. 6, 1977
Broome County Arena

In the small vocal jam at the end, like 9/8/73, there are strong hints of I Need A Miracle here. Tons of energy
Help on the Way
Sept. 28, 1975
Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park

I love the small extended Phil solos in the beginning of these early versions of Slipknot. 9/27/76 has one of those too.
Uncle John's Band
Dec. 26, 1979
Oakland Auditorium

Welcome to the bus man! This is a great UJB, especially for it being Brent’s first year with the band. @dsrkstar67’s rec. of 5/19/77 is great. That whole show is something else too, one of the best. 3/18/77, 6/23/74, and 6/17/91 are my favorites, but most are great if not incredible.