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Grateful Dead - Playin' In The Band

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Playin' In The Band.

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Playin' gets interwoven throughout the second set. Solid stuff from a great two night stand in Denver
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This is a tremendous version for the 80's. An excellent show immortalized as Dave's Picks 8.
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Wild, hairy, and at times scary Herbie Hancock-esque jazz in this one. One of the all-time best!!!
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Is Jerry on fire? Is Jerry jamming his balls off? The answer is F$#K YES.
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Slower, moody and thoughtful with Phil and Jerry-driven explorations. Brief Slipknot tease at 8:20 and 13:50 and a cool Supplication tease at 9:30.
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Intense energy and deep exploration coming after (!) a massive Dark Star and a shredding Eyes to close out one hell of a concert.