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Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia.

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Best version: Tight, up-tempo, great mix, Bob's guitar, Bob's vocal, Jerry's solo, Keith's piano, harmony vocals, Bill's drum fill at 3:27
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OMG! Most intense Sugar Mag jam ever! Jerry WILL NOT QUIT. Vocal entrance is real sloppy, but it hardly matters - you MUST hear this!!!
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Good recordings seem few and far between but thisone is unquestionably the best ever
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Best ever. No fooling. Don't miss Mickey and Billy dueling each other at the frenzied end jam before heading into SSDD. Whole version insane!
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How is this not on here. This thing is smokin. How did they have the energy for this encore after this epic show. Also, good cow bell in mix.
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Everyone on fire. Phil drops huge bombs and almost appears to be tripping over himself. KILLER