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Grateful Dead - Dark Star

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Dark Star.

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Dark Star>Me and My Uncle>Dark Star. Brain dissolving jam that is as freaky as they come.
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A clean, focused, jazzy, and sweet Dark Star into a gorgeously breath-taking Mind Left Body Jam. "Beyond words" sums it up best.
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Out of the tragically left behind duprees-mountains intro...classic stuff
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Sparkling beauty of a dark star performed on 4/20 before that meant anything. lol.
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Rare WRS intro into DS, then 18 pre-verse minutes, never dull (it's 73), and 13 more post-verse minutes of space. WOW
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both verses before drums, lots of midi. the break-out. this one is downright spooky
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This version crosses all boundaries of space and time. Excellent example of the bands eclectic sound.