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Tennessee Jed
June 11, 1976
Boston Music Hall

If you know this smooth customer of a show, you know how drynamic [yes, I typed that] and user friendly this TJ is. An always welcome visitor.
June 26, 1976
Auditorium Theatre

Few things better than a June '76 Sugaree. Garcia with the first Travis Bean just sketches with the lightest, barest of precious metal filaments.
Tennessee Jed
July 22, 1972
Paramount Northwest Theatre

Summer '72 Jed: Sweet dynamics & precision engineering. Weir & Kreutzmann stir it up during Garcia's guitar break.
Cumberland Blues
Dec. 13, 1969
Swing Auditorium

A cozy little delight - hand percussion, contemplation, great stereo drums, and some rip roaring riffage. Comes in under the radar, but worth a visit.
June 18, 1976
Capitol Theatre

As much as I love May 77 Sugarees, Spring 76 is where it's at for me. Subtlety, separation, and Garcia's whispery, silver-dipped guitar breaks.


Wharf Rat
Dec. 2, 1973
Music Hall

Spacious, rich Wharf Rat with one of Garcia's best vocals. The band's playing is delicate without being cautious - free, easy, and articulate. Need a ladder to reach this shelf.
Jack Straw
Jan. 15, 1979
Springfield Civic Center

Very springy Jack Straw: spirited and warm opener. Really articulate audience recording as well (and that's on my crappy work computer speakers!) - love a good audience. Note: I think this is Wolf Mk2, not yet Tiger.
Playin' In The Band
May 26, 1973
Kezar Stadium

I think Garcia started playing Wolf in 8/73, DaGood. I'm not putting that guitar down at all, but, to me, the Strat might be his best match.
Playin' In The Band
May 26, 1973
Kezar Stadium

Garcia's Strat sounds toasty. Kinda wish he's played it longer. The entire band slips easily into gear and tears into this sizzlin' version of a home-fires favorite.
The Other One
Nov. 21, 1970
Sargent Gym, Boston University

Liquid, snappy, and sneaky lysergic. Like all great GD explorations, the band effortlessly shifts between dynamics. Pouring it on when it needs to build drama, then taking a step back to consider its lovely work. Weir's vocals are urgent to great effect.