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No cholesterol.



Tennessee Jed
Nov. 23, 1973
County Coliseum

If possible, a very contemplative TJ. Everyone's in apex '73 form, esp. Godchaux who's mixed fairly high to good effect.
St. Stephen
Nov. 5, 1970
Capitol Theater

Of the heavenly 1970 Capitol Theater St. Stephens. Just a beautiful union between audience and group. Killer Stephen! CRUNCH!
Here Comes Sunshine
Sept. 26, 1973
War Memorial

Show opener - the perseverence is what really sells me on this one. A struggle, but a worthy one b/c the spoils are lush. Sneaky great.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
May 18, 1972
Kongressaal, Deutsches Museum

Crazy overlooked: A noble, splendiferous C>R in full Europe 72-ness. Patient, exploratory, charming. Driving a distance? Pack this.
Bird Song
Feb. 21, 1971
Capitol Theater

An intimate very early Bird Song - Quartet-styled, which serves this song really well. Also: you can hear the thinking, especially between guitars.


Tennessee Jed
Nov. 23, 1973
County Coliseum

The Miller one is the one you want - rich & dimensional. https://archive.org/details/gd1973-11-23.sbd.miller.112801.flac16/gd73-11-23d1t12.flac
The Other One
June 7, 1970
Fillmore West

Blistering! At about 6:15, the guitars just fucking wig out! Crazy intense exploration of the soul. So many insane peaks in this one, it's hard to understand why this Other One isn't higher up on the Big Board. Mel Kiper - can you step in here? I have somewhere I got to be. Anyway - blue chip.
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 27, 1971
Onondaga War Memorial

What a nice re-visit. Godchaux smuggles in some Impulse! Records vibe.
Eyes Of The World
Nov. 23, 1973
County Coliseum

"cooks along nicely" = simmers. From Kreutzmann's entrance, the listener knows she/he is in good hands. Garcia's playing like its 1974.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
May 22, 1977
The Sportatorium

How did I not vote for this one until now? Pure oversight. This is undoubtedly one the peaks for this funky high-rise stereo system full bar red/orange carpeted suite. They are completely comfortable in their own collective skin - and Garcia's playing it all at his own pace. Whatever he wants at that moment - dial it the fuck up! He won't be rushed or slowed. Force of nature. Immortal in a way. Oh - that was a long haiku.