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No cholesterol.



Not Fade Away
March 21, 1972
Academy of Music

Picture Perfeck Academy of Music NFA! Kreutzmann and Weir scoot this gem along.
The Other One
Dec. 12, 1970
Santa Rosa Fairgrounds

Adventure soundtrack - the group plays out a number of scenes. Garcia's the acrobatic narrator for the most part. Superb and interactive.
The Other One
Dec. 10, 1969
Thelma Theater

Big and round. Lesh is the wacked-out chauffeur. What a cool, bizarre run.
Big River
Nov. 20, 1973
Denver Coliseum

A strike-zone era Big River. Smooth & prickly.
The Other One
July 14, 1970
Euphoria Ballroom

ATOMIC! Garcia's subversive wah work only makes the area less safe for the public.


The Other One
Oct. 29, 1971
Allen Theatre

Immediately, it's so clear what Godchaux brought to the party. Digging in with the jazzbo power chords. The late '71 O1 is a different kind of animal - maybe as pure jazz as they got (rather than fusion). This one gets pretty far out, but never loses the thread of the melodic narrative. Lesh and Garcia meet up several times in these perfect snapshots and they twirl away from each other - knowing that they'll face each other again. This is a monster show - possibly a little under-heralded. Or Uncle Harolded.
Not Fade Away
May 6, 1970
Kresge Plaza - MIT

Blistering SG crush action.
St. Stephen
May 6, 1970
Kresge Plaza - MIT

An argument could be made . . . I don't have a verdict, but this is one hell of a beast. At the opening flag, this one is sure-footed and graceful. Then when it sounds for all the world like they're going into NFA, they lean into SS and they're off. Brash jam. And Kreutzmann makes a snow-cone catch on the re-entry.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
May 26, 1973
Kezar Stadium

Yeah - guitar masterclass.
He's Gone
Sept. 3, 1977
Raceway Park

This is one of the best He's Gones w/out doubt - played with a lift in the group's collective step. Drummers stay low - restrained. The fun being had is evident. Most of my favorite He's Gones are of the 1972-73 vintage, but this one stands right up to those. Or very close. Dozens of highlights, unusual but highly successful choices, dynamic shifts in this one. + The bridge is just full thrust! And totally earned. + and the play-out is very very nice. & yeah - probably the best post-73 version - agreed.