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No cholesterol.



July 22, 1972
Paramount Northwest Theatre

Runs on Kreutzmann adrenaline - set cruise control for serene.
Jan. 24, 1971
Seattle Center Arena

Easily overlooked show - the Truckin' opener is a giant tidal wave red carpet.
Not Fade Away
March 21, 1972
Academy of Music

Picture Perfeck Academy of Music NFA! Kreutzmann and Weir scoot this gem along.
The Other One
Dec. 12, 1970
Santa Rosa Fairgrounds

Adventure soundtrack - the group plays out a number of scenes. Garcia's the acrobatic narrator for the most part. Superb and interactive.
The Other One
Dec. 10, 1969
Thelma Theater

Big and round. Lesh is the wacked-out chauffeur. What a cool, bizarre run.


He's Gone
Nov. 22, 1972
Austin Municipal Auditorium

Smooth & smoky as one would imagine from the calendar. Need to revisit again, but upon listening in the car, saw exclamation points all around me. Not in a dangerous way, but I need to dig in further to this show in general.
Estimated Prophet
May 8, 1977
Barton Hall - Cornell University

Obvious though it might be, 5/8/77 delivers again. A Top 3 or 4 Estimated in my estimation. See - what I did . . . 5/19 is the gold standard for me, but I don't think this one lags in any form or fashion. Garcia's underwater coda is perfection.
Eyes Of The World
June 9, 1976
Boston Music Hall

The white Bean leads the way. Lovely, silky version in all its 76exiness.
Eyes Of The World
Feb. 15, 1973
Dane County Coliseum

A showcase. For the Grateful Dead's stormy countenance, for Garcia's Strat, for the loose-limbed, twitchy jazzbo blitz that makes 1973 a peak year. These early '73 shows sort of stand by themselves. Definitely not 1972, but with an edge that softens as the year runs. + This is one of those performances that reminds me why the Strat was the #1 Garcia guitar. Nothing he couldn't make happen on that guitar. Hooooofa!
Dark Star
March 28, 1969
Student Center

Love this Dark Star out of the chute - sunny, bold, and steady as she goes. Slides in different moods, but never loses its forward momentum. This Dark Star should probably be higher up on the hit parade. It truly embodies 1969 sunshine.