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Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Throwing Stones.

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Maybe not "greatest" but an interesting discordant sort of jam makes this early version worth a listen
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Has to be one of the best, they really went all out this night. Take a listen and I'm sure you'll agree this is a undeniably heady version...
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Thowin second set opener and then reprised later. No quesion its the best throwin.
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Contains a cool Samson and Delilah jam with each member (incl. Vince) contributing equally. Everyone is on.
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Brent is the star of this version, Bobby delivers fantastically and with all the bobby and some healy theatrics. Jerry lays down some tasty lines
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Coming out of the Kesey Dark Star>Last Time>SOTM the band beats the hell out of this before leading into NFA.
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The crowd is majorly into this version on this evening. Very Hot Show released as the first in the iew from the Vault series.
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Overlooked? Definitely. The 2-minute middle jam is really super. Garcia really works the scales and fan licks on this one.