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Grateful Dead - Cassidy

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Cassidy.

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This defintitly should be at the top of the list nothing compares to this the best one you will ever hear!!!
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The latter half of a great on-two punch to kick off the show (1/2 step preceding), this Cassidy is an absolute bute. Bob/Jer communication is tight
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Chill ,mellow tight version that is available on aa sweet "Betty Board" that puts the precussion front an center.There seems to be 3 other examples of
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Intense build-up jam, perfect touch-down. Weir absolutely nails it. My favorite version all-time
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Really Nice 74 Cassidy. Interesting part on the Birdge (flight of the seabirds part) Bob and Jerry do some humming and Donna sings very cool