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Grateful Dead - Truckin'

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Truckin'.

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A can't believe that this isn't listed yet. Truckin'->The Other One->Morning Dew->The Other One->Sing Me Back Home.
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Whew. Phil! Only heard him dig this deep vocally one other time(9.28.75). And the way he drives the band around 8' is UNREAL...phenomenal
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A massive run of He's Gone->Truckin'->The Other One->Eyes Of The World->China Doll
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Hard rocker. Great interplay and the band at the top of their '72 game. "No. 1 in Turlock, and that's a fact". - Bobby.
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Rippin' peaks...timeless formless jamming while also being totally focused. Good for listening with the lights out