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Grateful Dead - Black Peter

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Black Peter.

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How is this not here? Came to vote for it, because I was sure it had to be at the top, and it wasn't here at all. Wow. Acoustic and gut wrenching .
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Best of the best of the 77-78 versions. Jerry absolutely ripping licks and vocals ... "Run and See!!" series absolutely off-the-wall, then into S. Mag
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This is a very long reading of BP. Of course gains intensity at end. Special version.
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Black Peter tease->Truckin'->Black Peter. This was played apparently in memory of a well known head who was killed hitchhiking on his way to the show
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The final vocals, “Run and See” give me goose bumps and the Garcia solo is also very good. I had this version from many years and lost it and always